Princely states of India - Mysore

Kidnapping for ransom - Tipu Sultan's sons are taken hostage in 1793. This was after the successes of Cornwallis in the Third Mysore War and the capture of Seringapatam. There was a treaty whereby half of Tipu's area went under the British. The 'hostages' were taken to ensure implementation of the Treaty.

Princely states of India

Views of indian states- Kerala, Page-7

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This is a photo of captured Moplah prisoners taken after a battle with British colonial troops, during the 1921 Malabar Rebellion

Female workers in a mission tile-works in Kalikut (modern day Calicut ),Kerala

Palace of the Rajah of Chirakal, Kannur, by the cool pond and in a fast-growing tropical grove, one mile from the mission house

View with stone bridge,Alappey 1900

Periyar lake 1900

Orphans eating rice. On the right the boarding school. In the background the Basel mission house ,Kozhikode 1914

Bolghatty Back Waters,Kochi 1900